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There are a few fetes that I fully endorse and SSS is one of them.  ANY edition!  Whether the fete is in Brooklyn, the DMV, right here in Miami (Miami's SSSBlue was a scene) and now for the first time ever on the water, as SSS Dutty Habits I endorse it.

Let me give you a little insight of SSS.  If you are a TRUE soca lover and remember the days of old to now and appreciate everything in between, SSS is the fete for you.  The fete focuses on the days of old when people truly enjoyed themselves. Back in the day when there were basement and hookie parties in Brooklyn.  The era of Atlantik, Traffick, Xtatik, Machel when he was Machel.  When his behaviors were stink an dutty and not only sing about being stink an dutty.  Bunji before he wifed up Faye-Ann and spit nothing but FIYAH!  The days of Blue Boy, before he turn Super Blue. No heals or overdone faces.  Men dressed normal and didn't try to outdo some women. Soca from those days straight to the 2017 music we hear now.

There are 600 tickets IN TOTAL for sale.  Per Freeze International, the staff for the boat ride is included in this 600 and over 300 tickets are already accounted for.  If you're doing the math, you've already figured out that there are less than 300 tickets left seeing as down to the staff is included in the ticket sum.  This fete/boat ride hasn't been advertised on any social media so it is safe to say that these tickets have sold solely by word of mouth.  Can you imagine when it is advertised? Good luck!

Tickets purchases can be made at the Eventbrite's DUTTY HABITS link and just so you know, the $45 "SSS On The Water Wajangs" tickets are already sold out and the "SSS On the Water Elite" that are left are $50.

Just so you know, tickets for SSS Blue (The Miami Edition) which will take place Monday October 9th, 2017 go on sale July 1st.  I strongly suggest the VIP tickets.  The reasons why will be another blog post as this one is already long but get those funds in order!



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