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Good day all.  Hope all is well and you've had an eventful and safe weekend. I know of someone who fell asleep at the wheel after leaving The Return Fete and now has a broken arm. Thank God he only broke his arm and he still has his life!  My prayers are up for him to have a speedy recovery.

Let me first say that Infamous must have been lost when he found this venue.  The amount of twists, turns and different highways taken to get there was unbelievable but trust when I say that this was a perfect outdoor venue....the venue was perfect.  It's far enough behind God's back that the music bothers no one but wasn't far enough that the police couldn't find it (I will get into that later).

I dislike free pass events with a passion because all the people who either can't afford to get in the fete or rather spend their money on liquor rather than entry cause huge lines by the door so I chose to either get there before the rush or way after.  So after getting to the fete at or about 1:30am I had already missed DJ Rocca and most of Sonic Boom. Shortly after meeting and greeting everyone, Sonic was done which sucked because I was really looking forward to hearing more than I did of him and expected him to play at least third. Wrong. He played second, Milo Myles played third and last was Dream Team.

When Mr Myles was playing I felt let down.  I was expecting him to tear down the place and he just didn't do it for me.  What made matters worse, when he saw that he was ineffective, he pulled out the trump card and played "Full Extreme".... that was a sucker move and he lost many cool points.  I understand that South Florida is a tough crowd because musically many feterans don't know their ass from their elbow but as a DJ, there should be a plan for obstacles such as that. He just shut down Soca Paradise last month.... so what happened? I've never heard him play prior to Friday night but I've done my research and heard he's a really good DJ but I guess things happen and no one is perfect. Next up was Dream Team.

The following of the young crowd that Dream Team usually has wasn't present and I was quite interested in how that would be handled.  When you know your crowd, you know what they like.  This crowd was mixed and I'd definitely say more mature.  So... Steelie Back touched the mic.  He immediately asked the sound man to crank the volume.  As a DJ himself, he knew that the volume levels being used wasn't reaching the depths of our souls the way it could have.  The man stood in up in the fete and obviously listened to the set before him and observed the crowd.  Notice, he STOOD and observed.  As a man serious about his craft, he wasn't feting but observing. Dream Team came on an M-A-S-H U-P Flight 868 you hear me?!  The vibes were on 1,000!  They started with music from then, to now and at no time did they play "Full Extreme".  They didn't need to use the UR trump card, as I now call it and they had us captivated from beginning to end.  The vibes were so good Mr Steelie Back said that he was going until 6am!!

While playing the hits from when, we got into what I can safely call the water segment.  Hear nah, Steelie asked for someONE to bring two bottles of water.  You know you're doing something right when you ask someONE and A THIRD OF THE PARTY rush the bar for water because they know what kind of vibes were to come.  When Sinister dropped Iwer's "Take Ah Bathe", it was madness! All bets were off as chune after chune was water.  It became an impromptu wet fete.  As cold as the water was, no one cared.  We were having a damn good time.
(Army Boyz Clem and myself)
Dream Team and patrons alike were ready to jam til 6 but Babylon was at the front door by 4.  They weren't having it. Steelie Back respectfully requested that they play one more chune and again, they get some more points because instead of closing out the fete with the expected "Full Extreme", they closed the fete with "Buss Head"! *Don't get me wrong, it's a damn good song but let's not do to "Full Extreme" what was done to "Palance".  Please and thanks.

Dream Team allyuh take win!
Infamous, yuh take win!  The party was on! Your bar was well priced and bottle specials were reasonable. Although I personally hate the system, your patrons benefit from the free entry once they arrive on time.  I liked that after a certain hour you didn't play greedy.  You dropped the price drastically for people to come in and I know this only because the hubby got there minutes to 3.  We really enjoyed ourselves and it's fetes like these that South Florida needs.  Kudos to you!

As time progresses, a link will be added to the full gallery.

Infamous, I'm now waiting on LEEEO! 



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