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Bubbles N Brunch, where shall I begin?

When I initially saw the flyer for Bubbles N Brunch, I was skeptical and already decided I'd probably not go.
AURORA has a successful annual New Years Eve party that I've never attended so I didn't know what to expect.  This flyer is also the only thing I had to go off of besides the elaborate inclusive food and drinks menu.  It seemed as though the promoters were trying too hard to 'sell' the event.  I tried looking for who the DJ's were, (just to see what kind of crowd was being targeted) and that too was missing from the flyer.

The day before the event I got tickets to go.  Fortunately for me that very day, I was able to see the venue.  This venue was hidden in plain sight, I swear!  There was a plantation house sitting in the middle of a beautiful piece of land.
The back yard was equally spacious but there were less tables set up, I'll explain why later.

Parking was a breeze.  As cars were seen, they were ushered in and led to parking spaces.  From the parking area to the actual venue was a matter of seconds.  

The brunch was scheduled from 10am to 4pm so the plan was to arrive at 11.  Needless to say I got there at 12pm but it was actually the perfect time to arrive as there was no line and enough people inside to feel comfortable.  Upon entry, we were given beautiful signature glass favors that served as drinking glasses throughout the event and the cabanas were set up all along the wall on the opposite side of the entrance.

The first station that caught our attention was a daiquiri bar. The presentation of these drinks had us in awe, I don't drink daiquiris but couldn't help it.  The choices were mango or strawberry,  I chose the strawberry.   The drinks were given in a long champagne~flute crossover plastic cup.  At this point, I didn't know what to do with my original glass so in my purse it went and seeing that this one was bigger, it became my 'drinking cup' and the signature favor glass remained in my purse for the balance of the day. 
This was made out of fresh fruit, ice and English Harbour Rum.  I wasn't thrilled with the taste as I like all my drinks on the sweeter side but it wasn't horrible.

Let's get to the reason reason I left my house on a Sunday! After we got our drinks we went around to the back of the house.  The back yard wasn't as big as the front but had the same decor, about two or three tables set up, the second bar and the food.  

I've taken the liberty to copy the entire menu just as the AURORA STAFF PROUDLY ADVERTISED:

Pastry and Fruit Station
Yogurt Parfait Bar
Continental Breakfast (Omelets, Pancakes, Waffles, Eggs, Fruit, etc...)
Salt fish With Green Banana
Black Pudding
Jerk Chicken and Jerk Fried Rice
Corn Soup
Lobster Bites
Crab Rice
Corn on the Cob
Mac n' Cheese
Shrimp Skewers

Deserts: Premium Desert Station
Vanilla Cake Pops with white chocolate gold accents
Chocolate Cupcakes
Rice Krispy Treat Pops with white chocolate
Rum cake-balls
Rum Cake
Chocolate Cake
Two Tiered Vanilla Cake with Buttercream roses
Three Tiered Oreo Stacked Cake
Assortment of Doughnuts
Caramel Popcorn
Gold Sixlets Candy Coated Chocolate
Candy Coated Chocolate Gems

Bottomless Champagne / cocktails:
Rum Punch
Aurora Specialty Drinks 

Premium Liquor:
Vodka - Tito's Hand Made Vodka and Ciroc flavors (Peach, Green Apple, Coconut, Pineapple)
Rum - English Harbor 5yo and 10yo
Gin - Bombay Saphire and Hendricks
Tequila - Patron Silver
Whiskey - Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker: Black Label
Cognac - Hennessy
Your musical enjoyment will be Top 40, Hip Hop, EDM, R&B, Latin, Disco, Caribbean (Soca/Reggae), and International. Our Djs will have a little something for everyone.

With the exception of the gin, *both the Bombay Saphire and the Hendricks 
The first order of business was to attack the lobster bites.  I was expecting some sort of lobster fritter but no, I can show you better than I can tell you.  
This picture was retrieved from the Official BubblesNBrunch Gallery because I didn't get any. I've gotten complaints from some of my friends that the lobster finished too fast but I couldn't say the same.  I got to the venue at 12.  There were many people there before me.  I made a stop at the daiquiri bar and yes, went directly to the food line HOWEVER, when I saw the lobster in the foil pan I assumed that I had enough time to to eat, got off the food line and went on the drinks line.  The time that it took us to get the drinks and return to the food line, LOBSTER WAS GOOOONE.  Luckily the last batch was already on the grill.  We were told that they would be finished in about a half hour, that he would remember our faces and we shouldn't get on the line (that would be at 12:45).  Okay, we could do that.  While listening to the live entertainment and taking pictures, time slipped us and exactly 12:50 we all could have kicked ourselves because now we were scrambling to collect our things and race to the back. The disappointed look on the face of the server already told me that we have missed the last batch of lobster bites.  The lobster 'bites' from what I heard were everything and then some.  Friends of mine even bragged about getting seconds and thirds of it.  The crab rice, macaroni pie, shrimp skewers and corn on the cob were all appetizing but in the back of my mind was the missed lobster.  

In a quick switch around 2pm the music was taken off from the front and began to play in the back.  I believe this was planned as there were fewer tables set up there to encourage dancing.  By now, the majority of people were intoxicated and loosened up.  With the closer proximity in the back, the brunch felt more fete like and was now in full swing. Many shoes came off and we had a time. 

For the time frame given, there was just not enough time to eat and drink everything offered.  Imagine it was not until the Official Bubbles N Brunch Pictures posted on Facebook had I known there was a Hennessy fountain.  Never got a chance to taste, let alone see the Aurora Specialty beverage and was too full to touch anything from the Premium Dessert Table.  
All in all $65 was an excellent price for such an epic event.  This is the first time I've attended an event and felt the need to say thank you to the team.  Team Aurora went over and beyond to make their patrons feel like we actually mattered and feel appreciated.  Not just ticket sales.  Bubbles N Brunch exceeded my expectations.  An email was sent out to patrons requesting their feedback.  EXCELLENT! I have no complaints and there was nothing that I could think of that could be added to the event to make the experience more enjoyable. From beginning to end I loved it and it would be my honor to attend the next Bubbles N Brunch movie.

South Florida promoters, take note.



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