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Seeing as there is some confusion regarding the venue of Oldies BUT Goodies, I will try shedding some light.

For those who do not know, there is a building in Lauderhill that is divided into several parts.  The two in question would be "The Warehouse" which is on the southern side of the building and then there's the northern side which is called the "The Luxurious Banquet Hall".  There are two events happening in the same building however, every wall in The Luxurious Banquet Hall is sound proof and will not be affected by the other event that is IN FACT carded for THE WAREHOUSE.  I can not speak for The Warehouse and how the walls are constructed but patrons of Oldies BUT Goodies will be unbothered.

Oldies BUT Goodies is an annual TeamKelz event and I made a vow to attend once I have health and strength.  Partying with a mixed crowd is always appreciated and having DJ's that can satisfy everyone is a must and that is covered.  The music wasn't geared toward any particular age group and flowed effortlessly.  We knew and enjoyed all songs played, had some clean fun and had a great time.  There were quite a few people that I didn't know.  We all connected over some good 'old school jams' that we haven't heard in a long time and for those simple connections alone, I was hooked.  When music is good, it unifies people.  The intimacy was a plus and I'd like to experience it again.

My hope with this post was to shed some light on the situation for both events involved because Oldies BUT Goodies will be a classy affair, the other will be a Flag Fete.  This means they both have completely different dress codes.  Be advised, those coming dressed for a Flag Fete will be turned away from the Oldies BUT Goodies door. Although we enjoy those types of fetes, it will not be permitted tomorrow night.  The venue has arranged separate entrances, so hopefully things run smoothly.
Can you imagine showing up here in clothes for a Flag Fete?

Enough of that.
Use the hash tag #OldiesBUTGoodies in all your pics.
You don't want to miss it!
There will be surprises!



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