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Euphoria Mas has dropped a bombshell on South Florida Thursday afternoon and it was done quite differently to how they've normally done things. The theme tends to drop and after we've suffered through the thought of everything imaginable the date of their band launch follows.  I guess for their 10th anniversary as a Miami Carnival Mas band, they've decided to make some changes but is John Public ready for what's in store?

For 2017 Euphoria Mas' have made changes everywhere.  One of the obvious changes is the type of band launch.  The typical Euphoria Mas band launch takes place inside Soca Paradise but this year it will be a cooler fete. The logo has been changed to a gold color and emphasis was put on their 10th anniversary.
What the public may or may not know is that along with "Hurricane Matthew" (quotations on Hurricane Matthew because it was nothing like anticipated) Euphoria Mas took a hit due to Custom and airline delays.  Knowing their full potential opposed to what actually happened, they took it as a personal blow. With so many years of successful carnivals, they felt the need to regroup.  Although the majority of their masqueraders understood that what happened was in the control of God, Euphoria Mas made the decision to make drastic changes and do a rebirth for carnival 2017.

"Journey of the Phoenix"

After the dust has settled and everyone has collected themselves, they decided to rise just as the phoenix that they're branding themselves to be! Along with this uprising will be new designers as in no Richard and Anthony. GASP!  I was a bit concerned but they've gotten another set of head banging designers who creates showstoppers and jawdroppers! They've managed to obtain THE Designing Daryl!  For those of you who know anything about the carnival world, this is a big deal! Designing Daryl is just as great a designing genius as The Bling Kings yet he's one person and that's just the start of their designers.  The rest will be posted on their website.

I can not wait for June 25th, that launch will be MAD!!



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