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Clem began promoting this event right after Trinidad carnival. Tickets have been available in all major ticketing outlets, he delivered and they were available on Eventbrite since then.  I see this happen with every event. People wait until the very last minute to secure tickets and wind up disappointed which I don't understand... If you know you'd like to attend an event (not just this one), an early ticket purchase is vital. When I witnessed the witchery coming down to the last days I was in shock.  It had grown men and women borderline crying and some even willing to pay $90 for one ticket that cost $45.  I couldn't miss this boat ride because at this point, I believe in my heart and soul that Clem was giving away money on this boat.

There was an announcement concerning a changed departure time that the boat would set sail. The change was a good thing because it would be sailing an hour and a half later than the original time.  This was no fault of the promoter.  There was a scheduling conflict with the boat.  Although the time has been confirmed months in advance, Clem got a phone call that gave him no other choice but push his boat ride back.

People were still trying to source tickets [crazy]!  I admit, seeing as it was the South Beach Lady I assumed the boat would be leaving from the same location as it did for the Independence boat ride.  After the GPS began taking me elsewhere, I got nervous.  We were taken closer to Bayside. The side of the Hard Rock.  The parking lot was opposite where the GPS took us and we had to peddle back into the traffic that wasn't moving.  More panic.  After changing the departure time for an hour and a half, I imagined that the boat would wait for no one.  Everything ended up being fine, we got there on time and waited on the pier along with everyone else.

The announcements along with instructions for boarding the boat were made which we all ignored.  We boarded the boat on our own time and by 12:15 I was already on the food line. There was pelau, a choice of fried chicken or fish and coleslaw as the side.

After 1am everyone began to wonder why the boat was still docked.  As with all boat rides, the music has to play low until the boat is a certain distance from the pier.  Seeing as the boat hadn't left the dock we had to listen to music at a lower than party level but what else could we do but drink and be merry.  You, my readers, know that I have a 3 drink maximum so by the time the boat actually left the dock, I'd like to believe it was a little after 1:30.  Please don't quote me on that time because by then I was intoxicated.  I do remember laughing uncontrollably at the three people who got off the boat because it didn't move and we left almost immediately after they got off the boat.  It was as if we were waiting for them to come off the boat so we could set sail.

The ship sailed but whether it sailed or not, I would have had a good time.  A shout out is in order to both DJ's MekkaRose and Survivor for keeping us entertained.  With the music being as low as it was and for so long, they kept us moving throughout the temporary aggravation.  Should the music had been trash, people would have wanted to come off the boat or complain more than they did.  House Arrest didn't disappoint either.

My whole take on the boatride, is that it was another great event by ArmyBoyz minus the hiccup of the time the boat actually sailed and the rescheduling issue. The administration of the South Beach Lady caused both hiccups and ArmyBoyz may need to seriously reevaluate their business dealings with them.  I have no issue with ArmyBoyz events as far as entertainment provided, food, service, etc but the boat... The boat clearly needs servicing yet it is still being rented/contracted.  Although we know that the issue lies with the boat, the blame will ultimately fall on ArmyBoyz and could ruin the ArmyBoyz Promotionz brand and we can't have that.

Can't wait for the next ArmyBoyz event!



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