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This party is TROUBLE!
Every time I attend this fete, there is always some bacchanal.
There have been fashion feux pas that have changed the dynamic of friendships..
There have been fashion don'ts that have been ignored that left people looking fish fry ready in foil paper..  Then there have been those who've ignored their limits of alcohol which now makes them afraid and literally cringe to attend another 868 event BUT WILL lol.  It's the beginning of the year crack that keeps us going back!

Flight 868 is always the first must go event of the year and the aftermath is always entertaining (to those who play it safe and stay in their lane) and this year it will not disappoint.  My fellow feterans, I urge you to get your tickets ASAP if you haven't done so already because I don't think everyone fully understands the level of DJ godliness that is about to bless The Warehouse on the 26th of January!

It will be hosted by one of my fav's, the Original DJ Shakiera who's a natural riot on any given day.  Out of BCM (Bad Company Music) AND fellow 'Pull Out Boy', Sonic Boom! Lord Jesus.... Infamous could have stopped there but no, he added the leader of the Soca Musical Creep Squad aka 'Pull Out Boy's' Mr Freeze International!  Although I absolutely love DJ House Arrest and respect what I've heard (musically) from DJ J Rocca, I am going FOR my Pull Out Boy's as they will be giving me my entire life for 2018.....

For those of you who love allyuh "last minutry", the tickets are $10.  $10 will neither make you or break you.  Go get your tickets NOW at Eventbrite or your neighborhood Roti Shop.  If you haven't purchased your ticket as yet, you can also consider getting your 2 for $20 deals.

Hope to see you there!



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