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The silent party scene was hot and heavy in New York and from what it seems, New York is over it.  I could be wrong but I no longer see silent parties advertised nor do I see any of my people from there posting pictures from any.
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4519 N Pine Island Rd, Sunrise, FL 33351

The initial decision was made to never attend another Silent party because it's as if the Soca lovers are not only forgotten about but we're not even considered. I later backtracked because I was personally contacted by this particular promoter.  He has had a successful Silent run and claims to have positive response though but let me explain.

The first silent glow I went to was for my birthday weekend in February.  When I tell you that party was lit, IT WAS LIT! There has been one since then, before the Halloween Edition silent party and being that I missed it, I will not speak on it BUT that Halloween edition Silent party held at John U Lloyd park on the 29th of October was trash and the one held at Joy's was also trash.

The 3 silent parties I've went to advertised 3 channels giving 3 genres of music.  One channel being #Rap/ #Hip Hop another being #Reggae/ Dancehall and the one I fully endorse the #TeamSoca channel.  The 1st party was spot on!  The group of friends who went were thankfully well rounded individuals who enjoy anything with a solid beat and were able to rock in and out of channels with no issue.  That 1st party was held by TechENT and from what I'm 'over'hearing, no longer host the Silent events.


I won't get into bashing of promoters BUT the last two events were so bad that I needed to address it.  If you're advertising an event with 3 genres of music, just try having THREE DIFFERENT GENRES OF MUSIC! For both events we had 3 channels of Reggae/Dancehall.  The Halloween edition Silent party I gave a major bligh (Trini term for a pardon) to because a very well known Soca DJ was carded for the event and he didn't show up. Although they (the promoters) are not new to this and should have had back up, I took the fact that there was an attempt made to have soca present into consideration.  I also overlooked that there was no Rap/Hip Hop.

The Silent party at Joy's was called #SilentHill and as previously stated, I will not go into promoter names or bashing but I must say, it completely BUSS *for me. Thankfully it was held at Joy's so that when I did want to get my soca fix, I could go inside and listen to Selecta PJ on the 1's and 2's.

Hopefully this Saturday will shed some light on the Silent Party Scene in South Florida.




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