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This blog like many others was written from the heart but I had two minds about posting it because of the backlash that I will receive once it's posted.... but I've never backed down from a fight so I decided to publicize the post but chicken out and post it once I've boarded the ship and having a great time on the UberSoca Cruise.  I'll be enjoying myself and will be unavailable, so allyuh could beat up yourselves.

This blog post will be the good, the bad, the ugly and the phenomenal that involved MY Fantasy Fest experience heading to Key West.

Saturday began like prior years. I woke up just in time to message Semone telling her that I am on my way and to make sure it had food for me.  After all, my belly is always my main concern.  Once I arrived at the destination, the choices were roast bake with either saltfish or omelette.  Coffee, tea and hot chocolate was available to me and seeing as that is what I wanted, I didn't check for anything cold. After reserving my food, I took a couple bags to secure 10 seats on the bus.

It was now time to go.  The bus was packed with last minute food, snacks and costumes then
we took off. I had no concept of time at this point because we were having such a good time as
the vibes started shortly after the music turned on and it was smooth sailing. Somewhere
south we stopped which I found odd because it was too soon for a pit stop.  Found out
that we were picking up two passengers who lived close to Kendall.  Customer service at it's
finest because the bus departed from Lauderhill.  After the two passengers boarded the bus,
Semone said a prayer (seeing as the bus was NOW complete) and we took off again.

I can honestly say that his year was the most set of bacchanal on that bus.  And seeing as #TeamKelz
swore us to secrecy, what happened on the bus, had to stay on that bus BUT there are a couple
videos circulating.  Catch one.

The drinks continued to pour into signature cups given and the snacks began to share. 

#TeamKelz served snacks that included homemade mango and pineapple chow, Trinidad style fudge, tamarind balls and sweet bread from a bakery that I will not disclose. Next thing yuh know allyuh bus have we sweet bread next year lol.  I would say about an hour or two (because who knew at this point), while eating some fudge, the bus made a screeching halt. No one thought nothing of the stop because we were having a time but it was when we realized that the AC was off and we haven't moved in a while we realized that the bus had shut down. The majority of the bus thought that this would have been a minor setback so we got off to smoke and talk a little nonsense.  It was while outside we realized just how serious it was. The music truck for the entire "Caribbean Truck" was also shut down because they tried to jump the bus with the music truck.  So now, there is no bus to take us to Key West and there is also no music truck.  This was when the fellas decided to make some lemonade out of our lemons.  They decided to mount music boxes on top of the music truck and we started to jam on the people highway yes.  Don't get me wrong, we were concerned about reaching to Key West but at this point what exactly would we be missing?  The music truck was stuck on the side of the highway right along with us.

Because of the fun that we were having, it didn't dawn on me until the late half just how many buses passed us straight.  There were 8 to be exact.  Of those buses, only ONE bus stopped and asked if we needed help.  This bus was not a 'Caribbean bus', this bus was full of white people who weren't even going to Key West and were on their own beat but they were the only ones (on a bus) who willingly stopped to offer some sort of assistance. Imagine that.  Of the 7 that were on their way to Key West, allyuh MUDDA CUNT! Phones were taken out, pictures were taken, videos were filmed and no one used their God given senses to see what was going on with your fellow brothers and sisters. It never occurred to anyone on either of those buses that THIS was the bus that they should help because THIS was the bus that was travelling with the music truck that they were all in a rush to jump up behind and that they were passing all of the equipment needed to jump up with.

Semone called "Mr B" for some assistance, he claimed that all his buses were full and that he could not assist however when she called Will (from D Junction) and Big Chris (who were one Batson buses) passed us already, THEY DECIDED to turn the bus around for us.  You're reading correctly.  They both (who were controlling Batson buses) decided among themselves to turn around and come for us!  they advised Semone that although their buses were full, they would turn around for us and they can each take 15 passengers but her passengers would have to stand.  She agreed.  Mind you, these buses were ahead of us and were not a part of the 7 that passed us already.  Semone, (let's just say Simi for short) told both Will and Chris that she would let her passengers know what the plan was and she would call them back.  Simi had to first turn down the music to make her announcement.  When she told us that 30 of us would have an opportunity to catch a ride on two buses, we ALL declined.  We didn't plan it.  We didn't have any group discussions about it.  We just ALL looked at Simi like she was mad and told her that we were not leaving.  Simi now had to call Will and Chris back to tell them not to turn around anymore because her bus load of people were willing to ride this out with her.

Just like that, my husband went to the bus driver and told him to just try starting the bus again and BOOM, the engine came on.  As mysterious as  the bus stopped, it was just as mysterious how it started back up again.  The joy was a little short lived because it wasn't the same fate for the music truck.  The music truck never restarted.  At this point Simi and Kelz had to make a decision.  They had to leave the music truck behind and continue on the road with the masqueraders.  Kelz stayed behind with Kizzy (the MVP) and another person.  The 3 of them were left behind with very little water and some leftover sweet bread because the rental company assured that they would be there shortly.  Kelz and Kizzy put blue tarp on the highway and laid down like it was their bed as buses AGAIN passed them straight by.  Kelz had a friend that had no intention on going to Key West who heard of the situation and managed to come from wherever he was, with a flat bed and picked them up.  They made it to Key West in record speed but unfortunately, it was too late to be inspected on time therefore causing the band to not be able to register any of their masqueraders BUT Key West LOVES TeamKelz and worked it out.

Simi and Kelz communicated with one another that the flatbed truck would be allowed in the truck and to gather their masqueraders.  We moved so fast, in unison, minimal words just action! PJ took off the music that he was playing for us alongside the masquerader bus, Darnell, Marvin and Folkesy assisted in getting the speakers on the bus, Will helped put the table under the bus and it was just a race!  Chris and Fyah Truck were running with laptops and wires, meanwhile there was a crowd of feathers running behind them.  There was a crowd of people running down the route of the parade with no direction, no lights, no music to follow but just the will to find that flat bed truck! The crowd (including my mother) disappeared from in front of us as they were chasing the truck and we were left behind trying to secure the bus and equipment.  When we were finally finished, we walked the normal route of the parade.  The locals of Key West saw our feathers and directed us to the truck.  The sound of soca music was faint but we kept walking toward the sound of it and when we finally reached the truck, we could have cried. We ran up on the truck to hear "when ah dead, put jab jab on meh tombstone" and it was a joyful noise.  My pores raised!

The people of Key West truly love the "Caribbean truck" that TeamKelz brings annually and did everything in their power to assist in getting it on the road.  They bent so many of the rules and even broke some.  Which brings me to this point.  TeamKelz has to wait on an invitation from the mayor of Key West to participate in Fantasy Fest.  No one is entitled to this.  Key West banned the "Caribbean Truck" about 7 years ago! How many of you remember that? How many of you actually thank or at the very least show ANY appreciation to TeamKelz for taking the time to do a FULL presentation to the mayor of Key West to be allowed back?  The deal is that they ONLY deal with TeamKelz and they have to wait for an invitation every year!

There is a DJ from Orlando named Smalley?  No disrespect BUT, we understand that the Batson buses are doing this to keep the memory of Mrs Donna Batson alive but please understand, that is inclusive to only the Batson buses.  Key West nor Fantasy Fest has nothing to do with her or Mr B's buses.  You did give TeamKelz little shout outs on the mic but while crossing the stage where was the love?  While crossing the stage, all we heard was shout outs to people who had absolutely nothing to do with the the "Caribbean Truck", nothing to do with it getting there, nothing to do with registrations and I can go on and on.  The people that you were to big up ON STAGE, in the presence of the mayor and the television cameras you completely forgot.  I don't know if word has gotten back to him but someone please give him a call because the director of the event was VERY DISTURBED and wanted to know who you were BY NAME and AGAIN, TeamKelz saved the day.  It was noticed that people who were not designated to direct the truck were directing the truck to go the wrong way and there was lots of confusion.  Do you understand that because no one registered (an get to jump in the band for free), therefore no one signed a waiver, therefore Key West and TeamKelz was responsible for EVERY SINGLE LIFE ON THAT ROAD?! The three people who tried to jump AN CUSS Simi, sorry to say, but you deserved the arrest that you got.  To the man (I won't put any names) who seemed to have attitude asking "whey we truck" with the attitude, try looking for it 2 hours north on the highway! How much money did you give to assist with the trucks gas, the rental, the generator, the equipment, the time and monies spent attending meetings in Key West? Yuh lucky is Simi an Kelz people like you had to deal with because they choose to remain professional.  People showed their ass on Saturday October 27th, 2018 in Key West and I was glad I witnessed it.  I also witnessed all what it takes to get that truck on the road successfully.  The videos posted, the negative remarks and the memes were distasteful and just think, the people responsible for all the negativity actually JUMP UP IN THE BAND FOR THE WHOLE FREE! It has those (and you know who you are) who stood up on the steps of their bus as they smiled and waved as we were broken down on the side of the road but you see, God is in control of everything.  He is the boss! Everything happened the way it did to expose you all and trust me, it won't happen again.  Everyone's eyes are wide open and woke.  The public may believe the lies that come out of your mouths and you're good at 'cleaning up messes' but you know and so do we!  This community as big as it may seem, is actually quite small an everything done in the dark doesn't take too long to get a spotlight especially when dealing with the pure in heart.

TeamKelz, I will always support your events once I can.  I will always spread the word and once you stay true to self and remain that way, God will not only show up but he will show out the way he did for Key West's Fantasy Fest 2018.  See you for 3, 2, 1 on New Years Eve!




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