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Blogging now just seems like rants so I've stopped doing it all together.  There are some things that I do have to address just because I feel so strong about it.  Kiddies Carnival 2018 at Broward Regional Park happens to be one of them.

Kiddies Carnival as we know it seems to be a thing of the past and it saddens me.  I'm here to give you my thoughts and opinions.  I also have a question or two.

My children played in Wassi Babes and prior to going into the park, I already knew that Wassi Babes would be last.  I walked into the park and it was noticeably empty.  My initial thought was that it was this empty because of the time but no, I got there much later than normal and if my memory serves me right, it was about 3/4 o'clock.

There were 4.....

FOUR bands for Kiddies Carnival.


I think the amount of mas bands on the road is what bun me most.  Why? Can anyone answer that for me? Is it that there's not enough money in it for band leaders? I understand that many get into the carnival business for only the money but it doesn't have anyone out there that would do it for the culture besides these four bands leaders?

  • Natural Disasters
  • Party Room Squad
  • Royalty Kids and 
  • Wassi Babes
In my humble (but not humble) opinion, if these band leaders had a genuine love for the carnival and really felt that children had a rightful place in the carnival, they would have figured it out the same way they figure it out for the adult mas and the jouvert. If it's about funding, why not get your group of kids together and join a kiddies band that is already established?  There were FOUR bands that they could have gone to to bring a section.  Money would still make no?  My guess is people want all or none...  

It wasn't only the fault of the missing bands though.  Where were the parents of all these missing children? Where were the aunties, uncles, siblings, grandparents and godparents who were to bring these children out to learn, enjoy, familiarize and embrace a little bit of their culture?  Why are the parks filled for adult mas and jouvert but empty for panorama and kings and queens?  Bad enough we get a partial carnival here in the states because there's no Soca Monarch, Chutney Soca Monarch, Dimanche Gras, Road March competition, etc.  All of that to say that we have a condensed version of the real thing and we as people are doing a piss poor job of letting the little of the culture they allow us to have live on.  In no way do I expect the numbers that the adult mas bring but there was almost no one there to cheer on the children who were!

The culture of a people lives on by allowing the children to grab the torch! It is supposed to be continuously handed down from one generation to the next. It all begins with Kiddies Carnival or The Junior Carnival as some prefer to call it. As a child, they fall in love with it and as they get older get to understand that carnival is actually a competition.  By understanding that it's a competition, the children can/will learn how important it is to display a costume.  Do a portrayal of whatever they are masquerading as. Let them know that carnival is not just about drinking, jooking and gyrating. Let them experience carnival and fall in love.

Miami's 2018 Kiddies Carnival was an embarrassment and a slap in the face to the culture and all those who are working diligently trying to preserve it.

As for the carnival itself, I understand that there is concert after the fact and artists are carded to perform at a certain time but I feel like the children suffer in that sweltering heat for hours unnecessarily.  There were only four bands on 'the road', so why drag it out for so long unless they're trying to buy time?  How are the children being considered? This happens annually with double if not triple the amount of bands, so what is the excuse when there were only four this year? There needs to be a serious Junior/ Kiddies Carnival revamp and if it can happen as soon as 2019, that would be greatly appreciated.

On a positive note, all the children looked too cute in their costumes, had broad smiles on their faces and seemed to be in very high spirits.  I just wished that more people could have seen them. Whether they were playing mas or not, I would have loved to see a better turn out of children.

For God's sake, it's our children. Please, do better!



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