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Looks like Adonis Entertainment Group has acquired some local talent!
Two of South Florida's own DJ's have joined the cast.
First we have the humble beast DJ Exquisite who is new to the DJ scene but is far from being new to music.  DJ Exquisite is not just a pretty face (as a majority of female DJ's are believed to be) but her love for music shows through her musical selections and her versatility is remarkable! I am proud that we have a female DJ here in South Florida that can rock with and do better than many of the male DJ's out here.  The buzz and demand for DJ Exquisite has gone on to international platforms from her debut to now.  Many have yet to accomplish this in years yet she's done it in 7 months! This alone can tell you how good she is.
Then we have DJ J Rocca.  I have had my eye on this DJ from when I first got a listen to him on Team Soca. At that time, he was based in Orlando.  Since his relocation to South Florida, it's been a bit rocky in terms of bookings (from what I saw).  I've noticed in South Florida that great talents, don't get bookings based on raw talent.  It's about who you know and lots to do with your "following" and in my humble opinion, talent is usually last but that's another blog. Others just don't have the talent.  Plain talk, bad manners.  DJ J Rocca though, does have the talent. I've said from day one privately and publicly on this blog that in addition to the fight down in South Florida, I felt that his prior management had a part to play in that but nevertheless, there's nowhere to go but UP from here and I am extremely proud of them both!

Adonis Entertainment Group is an entertainment managing agency from parent company Adonis Events Inc., owned by Nichole Williams.  Adonis Talent Marketing Agency (ATMA) was first opened to showcase fresh and new talent of models, singers, dancers, etc which have led her talents to having sold out events in diverse settings within the entertainment industry which is not only inclusive to Caribbean events. Nichole's promise is to take each of her talents to the 'next level' and has stepped out of the box which she has always been comfortable doing and and so far, she has delivered on her word.

For bookings for any of your entertainment needs, you can contact Adonis Entertainment Group at or go to Adonis Talent Marketing's Website and browse.  You never know, you too can unleash that inner model!

You can follow each on IG:
Adonis: @AdonisEntertainmentGroup
DJ Exquisite: @DJ_Exquisite
DJ J Rocca: @JRoccaTheDJ



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