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In the words of my darling Sheran, writing "is my passion" and I've been displaced for quite some time because I wasn't able to do so.

I've had many problems but I'll write about the couple that really pushed me over the edge and caused me to stop writing.  There is 1. Everything seems so damn repetitive within my little community that writing about those same repetitive things became boring.  Not only has writing about these events become boring but I too have become bored out there and decided to just drop off the radar.  Aside from doing that out of boredom, every now and again for your own peace of mind and the protection of your energy one should fall back from the drinking and the excessive partying.  Let people miss you sometimes....  Anyway....

Luckily I am outgoing enough to try different things with different people, by myself or with strangers. Yes, I've gone out by my lonesome and have met and gotten along rather well with STRANGERS.  It's not as bad as one may think.  Anyway, I'm straying.  Secondly, I needed to stop being so familiar with people/events I was writing about.  I found it hard to just come out with the cold truth and felt the responsibility of having to explain first to people I had to disappoint.  I would soften the blow to these friends so that my reviews didn't come as a shock to them.  Hi. Hello. THAT WAS DRAINING!!!!!

Third turn off.  Band launches were the most draining and that was the time I was my busiest.  I think the last time I was genuinely excited about a launch was Euphoria Mas' band launch of 2014, 15 or 16.  I don't remember the theme or year right now because my memory is that of a 44 year old BUT it was a theme of birds.  Every, single section was true to theme.  Every single section portrayed a bird perfectly! They nailed it.  After that high, band launch experiences went downhill because not even them have been able to do that again.  As far as mas portrayal, I am old school.  I believe that a band should have a theme and all sections within the band should portray THAT theme.  No generic themes. No generalizations. Then they does want to buss big price! My lackluster attitude toward mas right now goes hand in hand with the feathers dragging on our floors and the stones being shoved down our necks in a variety of color and calling it mas.  I too am guilty of this but let's save that for another blog.  *Not even I am safe.

What I've decided to do, is get back to basics and end the way I started.  I will explore different things and will still show up to some of my older and more familiar events and live to blog about it.  I will still be doing no favors, if yuh event was shit I won't write that your event was shit but I will write that it was tata.  People will get the point. 

There have been some amazing things that I have gotten into, I will be sure to share.

So from the tone of this blog if you're guessing that I'm back you are guessing right however it will not be of the same things I've been writing about previously.  It will be on new things.  Things to make you want to go out and live a little and stop being so predictable. So NO, I won't be posting daily but when I feel something is blog worthy. 

Hope you read soon!




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