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Since the last time I've written on this platform we've had a whole pandemic and I think I've gained about 10 pounds! We as a people have learned quite a few things in the last what.... year and a half? I've learned to make every day and every single person count. *The one's who've proven themselves to be decent human beings anyway.  I've learned to live in the moment but definitely prepare for uncertain times, to further appreciate what I have and work hard for the things I do not (if wanted). I've seen many people struggle in silence and I've seen people win.  I commend those who took their Covid time to rehumanize.... to those who used their time wisely to start a business.  Last year has been the highest of Small Business openings and many of them were black/brown owned.  All we needed was time to think and limitless opportunity and Covid gave us just that! Big ups to those who used Covid time wisely by investing in themselves, rebranding and coming out to kick ass for 2021 and beyond!!! 

To the fallen soldiers, smh. We will sincerely miss you and as cliche as it sounds, they truly are in a better place and my prayer is that we make them proud.

 Now for the reason I am here.

After making a conscious decision to walk away from Trinidad and Tobago carnival for personal reasons and what seemed like 10 years, a team of us were fortunate enough to experience the last Trinidad and Tobago carnival pre-serious Covid in 2020. Then came the shut down...

I vowed that when the world did open back up, I was going to play mas WHEREVER I could then  boom! Without warning, came good old Miami. The first in the shits. As promised, I will play mas but I'd like to hear some thoughts. As the first major city to bring back their carnival, what are your thoughts on it? Will you be in attendance? Is it too soon? Will you be going to any fetes? Will you go to all the ones you normally go to or just a select few? Which ones are they? Will you play mas with your new Covid bodies or sitting this one out? What do you think of the pricing of some of these 2021 costumes?

Hopefully I get the urge to consistantly write again. With everyone able to sit home and restrategize, I feel like the world will be bigger and badder. Along with bigger and badder, comes new material... 

Due to this, 

the jumbie raise.




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