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When the flyer for Sorrel came out, I was interested as I saw some of my favorite Christmastime delicacies and thought it would be a nice Christmas party to go to.
The event was scheduled from 11-5 so figured 1pm would be an ideal time to arrive.  This gives me time to eat without rushing and another 4/5 hours to party and drink.  Driving up, the parking looked sketchy but there was a parking lot right across the street and it was free. Double win!

After the short walk from the parking garage to what looked like a little clubhouse that we'd have to fight one another for breathing room, we walked right in.  Inside was beautifully decorated. Not too much, not too little and gave me a very different look than what I initially thought from outside.  Inside was very spacious and I was pleasantly surprised.  Once ticked and given a band, to the immediate left was where I could have stayed.  It was the food station. The first thing I saw were the cheese paste sandwiches.  There was bread, I could also tell that the bread was homemade. There were cupcakes, cake, sweet bread, eggs and my favorite, HAM!  Listen, I have no shame in saying that I think I singlehandedly ate all of the cheese paste sandwiches as I stayed in that little room stuffing my face for about an hour.  *rolls eyes cause I don't care.

Once I ate til my belly nearly buss, it was time to attend to my drinks.  The bartenders were very attentive and weren't overwhelmed.  There were just the right amount of bartenders to keep the crowd flowing and they made the drinks very well.  I actually tasted the alcohol and they didn't put too much ice the way many of these bartenders like to do.  That was appreciated and encouraged me to purchase more.  I felt like it was worth it.

So now I'm set.  Walking into where the party was actually taking place... the atmosphere was different.  There were large white curtains that separated the eating/social area from what I call the party area. CinCity had a large, single white table set up (which I called the V.I.P. because some very important people sat there) and many standing tables which were on two ends of the 'dancefloor'.  The set up was dimly lit with red lighting. I must say, there was certainly a 'mood'.  Throughout the party, people complained that the a/c gave out and that they were hot but I was quite comfortable and glad that I didn't experience that. It could also be because I was never stationed indoors throughout the event and kept making trips outside.

The music took me on a musical journey.  There was parang, old school and new music of all genres which I also appreciated.  We even got some Whitney Houston and New Edition!

This Sorrel will be an annual event brought to us by CinCity Entertainment and although this was only the 2nd Sorrel, I see this being one of the events that you can not miss once you're in South Florida for Christmas.  It was an amazing event and I have no complaints.

The food was finger licking worthy *and I did lick my fingers, the drinks and bar service was A-1 and we all know how I feel about music.  If the music isn't right, I am sour.  Man, we even got a sexy Santa.  Man an woman alike sat on Santa's lap! He was one of the Sorrel highlights.
 (the cheese paste)

(more treats)

Not one of the best pictures as lighting was dim but one of the most talked about 'things' at Sorrel.  Santa look like he could break me in two right?!

Should you be interested in having your next event catered by the catering service that catered Sorrel, you can call or message Tieesha from Not A Tie Catering food is ALWAYS on point! Click the link to check out the IG page or just take my word for it (cause I'm a little fatty) and call direct 305.724.4971.



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