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I've been stumped. 

With everything surrounding The Miami Carnival, there was no way that I could continue blogging about my experiences without mentioning Princess Miya.  The most fitting way that I saw fit was to get this information out about what will be her legacy.  

The Miya Marcano Foundation has been formed and can be found as @miyamarcanofdn on Instagram, Miya Marcano Foundation on Facebook and Miya Marcano Fdn on Twitter. 

The Miya Marcano Foundation would like to announce its first official sanctioned fundraising event: 

“The Release - Fly High, Princess Miya!” 

Please join us in honoring our precious Miya on Friday, November 5, 2021 at 4:26 PM in the Memorial Garden of Flanagan High School. 

Purchase a Butterfly to be released on your behalf. 

All proceeds will benefit The Miya Marcano Foundation. Please visit the link in the Instagram Bio to purchase and help them reach their goal of releasing 1900 butterflies. 

Live performances, special dedications & a tree planting ceremony are also part of this inaugural event. We kindly ask for those in attendance to wear blue.

The number ‘19’ is a demonstration of Miya’s age and the time of the scheduled event (4:26) is a reflection of her birthday. 

We thank you for your continued love and support and look forward to seeing you next week!






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