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Good day, good day. I will start by briefly saying this.

I've generated hundreds of thousands of views and readers from all over the world because I gave my uncut/raw opinion. I didn't care whether it hurt people's feelings or not because I told the truth and was always cautious with my delivery regardless of whether I liked the entity or not (except for that one time lol).  It was my reputation and integrity on the line. However, when I started receiving the fake love and comps to go to people's events only because they wanted me to give favorable blog posts became annoying.  I wasn't able to be myself.  After it happened for a second time, I was done.  I can not be bought.  I am not one of the women that allyuh does talk 'bout out there that can only go "outside" once given a free ticket. Yes, that was shade.  Be advised, I work! Although comps have always been and will always be appreciated, please don't get it twisted. I can afford to buy my own ticket.  

That felt like a huge weight has been lifted. 

It's been a very long time that I've wanted to get that off my chest. 

Now that that's done, I'm moving on to the true purpose of my blog today.

I find myself along with others not too much caring about the Floridian night life because in many cases it's redundant and frankly a huge waste of time, energy, gas and most importantly MONEY.  Fetes are BORING! DJ's are playing the exact same set that they played last week an the week before that. You can literally stand up in a fete and call out what the DJ is about to play (and say) and when a crowd can do that during your set, you're washed. Sorry. Not sorry. Who paying money for that? Not the grown folk that know the value of their dollar and working hard for it.

So guys, please. I'm begging. Stop looking to make a quick buck and focus on the quality of your events! Think of our patrons. Most importantly, think of how it can stay fresh because the generation that isn't thinking before buying your fete tickets has the attention span of a pea and will soon get bored and tired of standing on ridiculously long lines to get into your fete for free. 

With that being said, I have a little secret for you.

(Call 954.699.3136 for more info)
OR you can wait for me to drop more info tomorrow 9.28.2023

Stay tuned. There's another big announcement to be made soon for all you Brunchers!
I'm kinda back bitches.



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