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Letting this Island Girl set her own stage..

It's HUSH....
It's a SECRET....
It's on 12/23/23

There's no ticket, but there is a cost.

There's no address, but there is a venue....

It's Hush....
It's a secret!

Don't let anyone know you're calling for info...


Got your attention yet?

HUSH started off in the VA/DMV area from a woman who wanted to have a memorable event annually. Picture it. She rented a beautiful venue but no one knew where the venue was until the day before the event.  To gain access to the event you had to pay to get an access code. This code is the ONLY way to enter the event.  If you give your code to someone else, they will now have access to the event and you won't.  Everyone is given a code specific to them and will not be allowed access without it. Each code works only once.

Take all your pictures prior to entering because once you have reached the secret location, your phone and car keys are tagged and bagged. What happens as HUSH stays at HUSH. Trust me though, this is not Trapeze lol.  The reason for the cellphone to be taken is that she is expecting a time to be had and memories to be created. To not spend the entire time on social media and more like the days of old. Car keys are taken because she wants to see the condition of the people leaving the event to ensure safety. So designate a driver or call an Uber.

I can not spill too much of the tea but at present the event costs $50 to gain access. It is a food inclusive.  The foods will be Caribbean driven. Things only made or served during Christmas-time and there will be 2 DJ's which in my opinion, is enough. HUSH is the love child of a speak easy and music fest.  The music will be diverse. I wished that I can tell you more but I've been sworn to secrecy. I can't wait for you to enjoy this one! 

Step 1: Call 954.699.3136     
Step 2: Receive your QR Code for payment
Step 3: Wait for your access code. DO NOT SHARE IT! What you CAN share is the QR code for your              friends and loved ones to get their own access codes
Step 4: Get your all black attire together
Step 5: Receive your venue location the day before the event
Step 6: HAVE A TIME!




  1. I stumbled upon this post, and I'm so glad I did. "Hush" encapsulates the power of stillness amidst the noise of the world. Your words have a soothing effect, like a gentle breeze on a summer day, calming the restless mind and soothing the weary soul. It's a timely reminder to embrace moments of silence and introspection. Thank you for sharing such a profound piece! By the way, The Event Venue seems like the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle and find peace in quietude.



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