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Then we have XTASY mas, their band launch will have Mr Benjai himself performing and Florida's own Sizwe alongside!  That launch will be the week before Gen X's launch Saturday, June 23rd.  The one thing I noticed immediately on this flier is that there is a picture with a striking resemblance to  Island People Mas' costume from 2009 displayed on the front. Its actually the 2012 costume Parasite from Ronnie and Caro.  Its not that big of a deal because event planners do it all the time, but to be a mas band that has had mas for 2011, I thought it would be a better look to place a costume from THAT BAND, no? 
(Island People Mas' - Dreams)
(This picture taken from Trinidad Carnival Diary)
Any way, its starting to look a lot like carnival in South Florida and I'm liking it. The first to announce their band launch was Generation X. Gen X was smart, they got a contract to be the ONLY band to display their costumes at the 1st big event in I don't know how long in South Florida which is KES on Saturday, June 30th and have marketed the concert as their band launch! Freakin GENIUS!!! 

From what I'm hearing Giselle 'The Wassi One' hasn't determined when her band Wassi Ones will launch officially but we're expecting to see a date around late July, early August.  Wassi Ones will be celebrating 25 YEARS ON THE ROAD!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOO



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