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Glutton for punishment. That's me.
Every promise I have made to begin working out for Carnival 2013 has failed starting from June 1st to July 1st to be pushed back to August 1st and it kept going on and on. I saw how I looked for Miami Carnival and insisted that I just could NOT do that for Carnival 2013. We were all gung ho on starting this exercise plan because it worked out perfect for us all. No prep time, no nothing. There is no time! P90X is a 90 day workout plan and at the time we decided to do it Carnival 2013 was about 115 days away.

This is NOT the best way to get in shape. There should be a scheduled workout regime that brings you to your desired weight and or size at a slow yet steady pace. I don't advise anyone to do as I did and go so hard in 90 days because it's just not wise. People have landed themselves in the hospital because of this. Anywho, the first thing I SHOULD have taken care of was my body.  A sick carnival body is beautiful when accompanied by your perfect costume.

These pictures are of me. I plan on taking another set of pictures on the 30th day of the workout, then another set on the 60th and the 87th day. I say the 87th day because by the 90th day I will have already landed in Trinidad and lets face it. AS I land I'm eating like there's no tomorrow and if I couldn't get it off in 87 days nothing more will come off in the remaining 3. (I'm just saying). If you're working out with this same program let me know how you're doing and if not still send some tips and some pictures. There's nothing like a support system.  If I begin to lose the faith, and I want to quit, I'm pretty sure one of your sick bodies will give me the determination to carry on. The person I got this program from started and failed 3 times and has yet to get past day 4.  I'll keep in touch!



  1. I disagree. P90x is an EXCELLENT source for weight loss. I started out using Power90 and have now moved on to P90x. It is a program and food plan I can commit to. My coach is helpful and interacts with me in some way daily. This is my third circuit and I continue to push my body and have not reached plateau. It is great for carnival but is an awesome program if you want to give 100% long term as well.

  2. "There should be a scheduled workout regime". There is a schedule. It comes with the program and is online. You should check back with your Beachbody Coach for assistance. "People have landed themselves in the hospital because of this". Improper form or your not modifying. When people don't follow the guides or don't talk to there coaches about what's going on, yes problems happen. "The person I got this program from", oh now I see the problem. It was either pirated or an incomplete hand me down. The beautiful thing about Beachbody is, when you purchase your programs you either buy thru a coach or assigned a coach. Beachbody is designed to provide their customers with a Support Team.

  3. This is NOT the best way to get in shape. If you read, you would see that I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING before attempting to do this program. All promises to do so have failed. Yes, there is a schedule that comes along with the DVDs and book. They advise you be in good physical shape before you start the program WHICH I AM NOT. I just jumped into this program and that is NOT recommended. It was not a pirated version and yes it was a hand me down but a complete one. The original owner couldn't get past the first week and thought I'd have better luck with it. This is not a blog on fitness but about ME, MY thoughts and MY experiences. If this is how 'I' feel its how 'I' feel. This program is by far one of the best that I have seen/done *hence the reason I accepted it but the way I went into it was all wrong and that is MY experience. Have I continued with the program? Yes. Have people landed in the hospital? Yes. Did I say I don't advise anyone to do as 'I' did? Yes. Do I have a personal trainer? Yes. Have I said that the program itself is no good? No. Next time, not with me but to all you oppose, ask questions and kill the attitude because that is how you get truthful and accurate answers. Let's not assume, ok? Have a great morning.



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