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Be advised.  
The footage is graphic and for most it will be extremely disturbing.  

A mother is beaten down by a coworker who was the alleged target of gossip in the work place and did this [to the mother] out of fear of losing her job.  

After this beat down was recorded and she pulverized that woman's face, she already lost her job.  This beating was not only done in front of the victims toddler but in front of what I counted to be six people and in broad daylight.  There were grown men there that commented on the attack but did nothing.  There is the person that video taped it and out of all those people, no one thought about helping the victim or even trying to take the child out of harms way.  No one intervened when she clearly threatened to kick the child in the face. Is this the sad reality of what our world has come to?  Taking out a cellphone to videotape a cut ass rather than use that same phone to dial 9-1-1?

No one helped her besides her two year old son. A two year old?  Those men should be ashamed.  She was attacked in the streets and although she obviously knew her assailant, it was an attack nonetheless and she needed the help of those people who stood by and did nothing. I understand that the 'hero' in some of these situations end up with a bad rap or in some sort of trouble themselves but what about things like saving a life? People I beg you, should you ever see a situation similar to this one, once you can safely do so, HELP.  Whether it means to get other bystanders to help you to help, shout out, or dial 9-1-1 to report it.  Anything besides nothing is help.  What if it were your family member out there? Wouldn't you want someone to help them? In this case it wasn't your family member, but she was someone else's.  We as a people need to do better.



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