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As I sit at my desk at work I'm in disbelief.  For two reasons really.  I had no plan on being here this morning because I plans for my PowerBall winnings. BIG PLANS! Don't judge me. I had $10 and a million dreams and the other because I just hung up from one of the strangest phone call I've received for the year. Well, we are only 12 days into the year however it was still the strangest phone call that I've had.
My friends and I are a diverse bunch of individuals and what bonds us together is our love, our passion and damn near borderline obsession with carnival and all associated with it.  So imagine my surprise when I got that call, less than a month away from the greatest show on Earth that my entire crew has bowed out of carnival 2016.  They have each purchased costumes, boots to perfectly match, some have had them customized others not so much and biggest of all, airline tickets booked!  Some as early as April of last year.  Yet the crew.  The whole crew.  The 'die-hards'.  The 'psychos' (as we have been frequently referred as) have all bowed out and said that carnival isn't making any sense this year.


While listening in silence to hear who died or what other life threatening emergency had come up, God forgive me but the very first thought was, YESSSSS!  I wasn't going to be the only person out of the crew missing out on carnival 2016 even better, NO ONE IS GOING!!  Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be missing carnival for a reason outside of pregnancy and to now be hearing that my entire crew would be doing the same was outstanding!  The second coming had to be near. My secret prayers have been answered! ***and no, no one was dying. :-)

One of the reasons given was that the music sucks big time and they just couldn't get into the carnival spirit all how they tried.  Seeing as I have only heard one - that "Advantage Reshuffle" that I think Machel name "Waiting On The Stage" or something so, I should be the last person to judge BUT if that was his 'big chune' for 2016 I can not say much for the music.  Another reason was cost.  What they normally paid for a Frontline costume was now the price of a Backline and the Frontline costs were just not worth them.  They would have paid it under other circumstances but with everything looking so dim again, it wasn't worth it.  I'd like to believe my absence played a part of the decision making but no one will admit to that....YET.  Thankfully they were playing in a popular band coupled with carnival stalkers on Fine Ah Ban' so costume deposits have all been retrieved. Nothing but boots money lost and that, we can always recycle.

There were several more reasons given and I found them to be just and if they were all true, I agreed with them all.  Admittedly, I haven't been following the 2016 soca nor have I been stalking any of the carnival bands' websites.  There was no need.  What would have I been comparing to?  My costume? Which costume?  The one making just for me, that I am obsessing over yet haven't seen? Anyway, I've tucked carnival away so far I an all needed a reminder every now and again about this year because the focus is solely carnival 2017.

Do I sound like a hater? LOL
All who going, enjoy!
All staying, ah dey wid allyuh!

*Let me know how your carnival experience is shaping up and send me your experiences. Pictures would GREAT!  See all correspondence to




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