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Oldies BUT Goodies has finally come and gone....
With all the promoting I've seen over the last few months it seemed like it took forever to get here.  TeamKelz well promote!  I'd like to believe I was one of the first set of people to acquire OBG tickets reason being I attended last year and it was fantastic!  Although online ticketing was an effortless process, tickets were personally delivered by TeamKelz through friends and associates to help people avoid the additional online fees. How amazing is that?

The planned arrival time for OBG was 12am which is actually a little early but tonight I expected double the amount of cars to be parked. As expected, there was a slight detour because the entrance normally used was not the entrance for OBG.  We were directed to the back of the building which had a couple TeamKelz banners.  Should I had just paid attention the banners would have been easily spotted.  There was no line which is always a pleasure.  There were a couple people doing a ticket exchange which took 5 minutes or less.

Once inside, which was about 1am I was shocked.  I laughed even.  Only because of my confusion.  The parking lot was full so I expected to see fewer people seeing as two events were sharing the building and parking lot but by the looks of things, all the parked cars belonged to OBG! This led me to question who was actually next door...

While trying to recall what was playing, I draw a blank as I had to first figure out the ticketing system for drinks.  It was a chit system and it wasn't clear as to where we could purchase the chits/tickets from.  After situating the drinks and greeting everyone, I was made to understand that I came just in time because the general census was that the previous DJ didn't play as well as expected.  Ouch!  Thankfully, I got there in time for the vibes. DJ Eternal Vibes that is.  Eternal Vibes and MC Giselle D Wassi One came to play NO GAMES and M.A.S.H.U.P. T.H.E. P.L.A.C.E. Don't get me wrong, last year had the vibes and chunes but I believe that the larger crowd this time around had an intense reaction and we all fed off one another's vibes. Big up to the International Duo for cranking up the vibes.  Although he is a hard DJ to follow, the following DJ's all did the same. Each DJ did their thing on the 1's and 2's!!  I believe the DJ's afterward were PressPlay Boyz and definitely the King DJ Spice. A good Oldies But Goodies/Back In Time event takes you back to the days of when without only playing the 'commercial music' that we all expect to hear.  Music that you haven't heard in a long time but were hits.  It consists of getting your hands dirty and 'dig in those crates'!!!

I've come to an understanding that all TeamKelz events have a wide assortment of finger foods and usually the most fattening lol.   For people who were celebrating birthdays there were Jerk wings, guava tarts, cheese pastries, beef pies, pommecythere chow and sponge rum cake.  For the guests there was fruit salad, guava tarts, cheese pastries, beef pies and sponge rum cake.  Everything I had tasted well but the hit of the night was the sponge/rum cake.  Unfortunately, unless you were celebrating a birthday there was no way to know that this food was being offered and at no extra charge.

The surprise of the night was that Preedy blessed the crowd with a live performance!  Lyrikal was also in the building....  Well,  he was going to be in the building regardless seeing as he was the main attraction next door but him 'crew' was in Oldies BUT Goodies! He didn't perform but he was more than happy to smile and pose for the cameras with his fans! Poor thing, he had many.  The vibes continued as the lights came on.  We danced and sang along to the music as the volume lowered and when it stopped, we talked over the security trying to lead us to the door.  No one wanted to leave.
(WFYG FL Bandits)
Congratulations TeamKelz on a job well done, this annual event has marked itself as a "must go" for the future.  Keep the vibes and that food coming as strong as you have and we will keep coming for more!
Can't wait for what you have in store for Mimosa!



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