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I have waited long for this and not only am I going, I will be selling tickets to the EPIC Bubbles ~N~ Brunch.  This year we have a nautical theme to prepare for.  The nautical theme is both good and bad for me seeing as I've reserved an outfit since last year but seeing as it doesn't go with the nautical theme at all, changes will have to be made.

What seems to have stayed the same was the drink selection.  Again we will have Mimosas, Belinis, Daiquiris, Rum Punch, Aurora Specialty Drinks and Champagne. As for Premium liquors, there will be VODKA: Tito's, Ciroc (Peach, Green Apple, Coconut and Pineapple),  RUM: English Harbor Rum (5 y/o and 10 y/o).  GIN:  Bombaby Saphire and Hendricks  TEQUILA: Patron Silver.  WHISKEY:  Jack Daniels, Johnny Walker (Black Label) and COGNAC:  Hennessy.

Changes made this year starts with the DJ cast.  I believe there is room for changes/additions as it's still early but the DJ's advertised will be LL COOL BLAZE, Silent Addy and Back 2 Basics. LIVE Steel Pan has also been added.  The steel pan is a nice touch for those of us who love steel pan.  All genres of music have been added.  If I remember correctly, last year only had Caribbean music but don't quote me.  The liquor is truly unlimited and you, (my dedicated readers) know that I have a two drink limit.  So if anything other than Caribbean music was played, please excuse me. For our listening pleasure Top 40, Hip Hop, EDM, R&B, Latin and Disco will be played n addition to the Soca and Reggae norm.  So far, I am still sold.  It is sometimes refreshing to hear music outside the norm. Although the venue was perfect, the Aurora team aims to please and will try to out do last year's venue.  I am excited to see if that is possible because the brows are already raised by the venue overlooking water.

Although I wished the menu would have stayed the same because I'm a creature of habit and there was no fault with last year's menu.  The menu has also changed. 

MENU: Which needed to be copied and pasted below.

"Italy, Rome
Stone baked pizza, prepared before your eyes in a traditional wood fire oven.
Frittata Di Zucchini, sauted herbs with zucchini cooked gently with eggs till set.

France, Paris
A spin on the popular French Toast; French toast bites covered with creamy butter with a light dusting of powdered sugar
Originating in Paris the light and fluffy Belgian waffle drizzled with maple syrup
Quintessentially European Continental Breakfast of croissants with Confectionaries, healthy fruits and yogurts
Boudin noir a.k.a Blood Sausage a.k.a Black Pudding alyuh know what it is…

USA, Ft Lauderdale
Stacked Buttermilk pancakes with pan fried sausage, crispy bacon and golden potatoes or opt out for the more traditionally simple maple syrup

Cuba, Havana
Lechón Asado, Feast on the Beast! Whole, slow roasted suckling pig marinated overnight in a Cuban Mojo of garlic and sour orange accompanied by Arroz Moro (rice and beans) fried plantains and tostones

Jamaica, Montego Bay
Salt fish and green bananasalted cod sauted in garlic, onions, scotch bonnet peppers and tomatoes served on a bed of boiled green bananas
Jerk chickenchicken pieces marinated overnight in Jamaican Blue Mountain herbs and slow smoked on the bone; buccaneer style coupled with turmeric infused rice

Trinidad and Tobago, Maracas 
Bake and shark, light fried bread stuffed with chunks of deep fried shark marinated in garlic, corrianda and scotch bonnet peppers and garnished doused sweet tamarind or mango sauce and garnished with fresh salad
Corn soup, a hearty combination of ground provisions, spices and herbs with fresh corn on the cob".

If you missed Bubbles ~N~ Brunch 2017, 
feel free to recap HERE
Hope to see you there!




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