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For those of you who follow my blog posts, you know that there is usually a plan for each event I attend yet nothing goes according to plan...  The plan for Bubbles N Brunch was to not only celebrate the birthday of my husband  but to get him so intoxicated that he didn't know himself and last, to make it on time.  None of the three happened.
I've learned from last year that I should arrive early and in regular Trini fashion, I arrived at 1pm (the brunch started at 10).  1pm was late.  Driving to the venue was decent enough considering that it was the beginning of Spring Break.  Parking was a bit challenging as there was no parking advertised but once we tried parking in a designated parking lot (that was full) we were instructed to go to the 2nd of the the 3 parking lots.  Attendants of the parking lot we went to never advised that there was in fact a shuttle bus running... so we walked.  The walk wasn't bad, especially since we had the original shit talker Folkesy walking with us.  It felt like we got there in no time.
Once we got in, I immediately noticed that the venue of last year was more appealing and the music was extremely low.  Figured I'd get the story on the unusually low volume later and attended to the first order of business.  Getting my little mason jar filled and getting food!

Lines for food were great.  I literally walked up to each station and got food with the exception of the bake and shark line.  There were complaints about the long line but I didn't have that issue.  I'm a woman...  I made 'new friends' at the front and never waited.  This was the case all three times I went. YES, I GOT THREE BAKE AND SHARK, sue me! I didn't taste everything as I felt time was against me so I tasted the pizza, bake and shark, pancakes and french toast.  The pizza slices seemed small, so I requested a whole pie.  It was the Hawaiian. They a made the pie in 10 minutes.  In the meantime I got a couple servings of french toast and got my first bake and shark.  I had more servings of the french toast than I did the bake and shark and feel that those two were the hit.  That french toast was life and after seeing the condiments offered for the bake and shark, I was discouraged but in my opinion the bake and shark was better than bake and shark that I've had in Trinidad! I returned for the pizza by now and set up shop.  The pizza was salty and the cheese never melted.  I didn't enjoy it.  It was salty and missing cheese.  Aside from the pizza, I had no complaints.  Friends enjoyed the jerk chicken but I didn't try it.

The little mason jars that were given upon entry seemed discouraging when I first got them but the size fooled me.  The jars held the same amount of liquid as a drink in any given club.  In a way, I'm grateful that they weren't larger because everyone was staggering while leaving.  The women and the one man I saw serving drinks at the bar were always friendly, served with a smile and gave occasional jokes.  The sun was scorching and the attitudes could have been very different but from beginning to end, I saw nor experienced none.  I hope they were compensated well because that sun was nothing to play with. To the left is a picture just to give you a visual of the sized mason jar.

I have no complaints aside from the sun and man has no control over that.  In all fairness, the weather in South Florida is bipolar and cooler weather was expected.  That sun felt like sun on a carnival Tuesday and some rain would have been appreciated.

As the day progressed I found out that the music was so low because residents across the street began to complain ever since the sound checks around 9am.  What haters!  The local police did work with the team and allowed the music to gradually raise until towards the end when they let it pump full force.  By the end, I was so intoxicated I didn't even notice.  The vibes were right, the company was great and I was loving it!
(PJ and Folkesy)

It isn't fair to compare Bubbles N Brunch 2018 with Bubbles N Brunch 2017 because they were completely different and so were the vibes.  They were both great but in their own way.  I can compile a list about a mile long of the differences but the end result was the same.  It was one of the best experiences I've had in a fete.  The goal was to cater to the patrons and I feel that was done.  The advertised time for Bubbles N Brunch to end was 4 and we were staggering out after 5.  Not a soul (that I knew) left sober.  The food never stopped being served (which is always a plus in my book).  The bar did stop opening bottles a little after 4 but for those who got there on time, it was fine.  The air conditioned portable bathrooms that I didn't get to personally use were awesome and the scented soap was a thoughtful touch.  It's the little things that makes us as patrons feel appreciated.  The generous top shelf liquor, food variety and vibes.... Everyone had a grand time and out of everyone I knew, only 1 has decided not to go back.... She will be missed because everyone else will be.

All in all, Aurora's Bubbles N Brunch has made it's mark on South Florida and it is an event not to be missed. Even while still trying to catch ourselves or peeling from that sun, plans are already being made for Bubbles N Brunch 2019.

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(Photo bombed by Ravi lol)



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