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Good day all, I hope this blog post meets you in good health and strength and you've all had a blessed and eventful Easter weekend.  Let me get into the first order or business.  Those who know Clem personally already know that promotion for the next event begins from the time the last one has either sold out or has docked.  He wastes no time in getting the next ride embedded in the craniums.  Those who do not know him personally can pretty much attest to the same thing because he is on his social media, Whatsapp messages and flyers are fresh off the press and ready to replace the last ride (depending on the location).  It is pretty safe to say that the man has his marketing down to a science. AND he's one man.  So, this now leads me to once again question WHY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH are people looking to purchase tickets and willing to pay almost double on the day of the boat ride?

We've already covered that the marketing is great.  Your excuse for not knowing about one of these boat rides by now has to be that you are living under a rock.  There is no way in the world you could not know so what's your excuse? I believe it's complacency. I think because everyone knows Clem, they feel that they can let this pay period pass.  Then that pay period pass.  Then just put it off until the very weekend of the event then vex when tickets sell out.  These tend to be the very same people who like to complain bout this that and the other.  HELLO? HI! HELLO.... It's the same funds that go toward the same amenities that you're complaining about.  How do you expect things to be paid for if you self paid for your ticket while others are looking to board the boat.  Any way, that's none of my business.  Caribbean people late for everything...

As for the ride.  I got nervous when I saw the rat race for tickets and how serious those messages were coming in that the boat would not be waiting for anyone, so I got to Miami in record speed to find that I was STILL early. I will never arrive late expecting the ride to leave late because that will be the time that it leaves as it's supposed to and I can be slapped with the disclaimer but I could have spent that extra time in my bed.

As per usual, there was a choice of chicken or fish, rice and salad.  This time there was a yellow rice, what appeared to be fried chicken and I didn't see anyone with the fish so I couldn't tell you how it was prepared. 

As I've said before to Clem, I feel he needs to give this particular boat a rest.  The bottle service was the worst that the crew had ever encountered and it seems as though complaints are being made via Clem but the owner is doing nothing about the service.  In fact, it seems to me like the complaints are falling on deaf ears because in his mind, "we must come back".  Shit, I felt as if I was on the kiss meh ass Titanic! I never stay in one place.  I speak to damn near everyone and lucky me, my friends are never together.  Unfortunately I've had the opportunity to go from the right side of the boat to the left and there was a drastic difference.  I felt the difference.  The boat had a gangsta lean! The left side was visibly lower than the right and only a handful of people noticed it.  The DJ did ask twice for people to move to the right side of the ship because the boat was leaning but no one budged.  I mean why would they, no one was making it as big an issue as it really was.  There is always something wrong with that boat and the excuses are weary.  The safety of your passengers is paramount and I just feel like the captain nor the staff gave a rats ass.  They were more interested in payment for bottle service that took up to 45 minutes to come. You know, that pay now and wait til I'm ready to serve you service.....

Patrons, I am going to ask you.  Would you rather Clem and affiliates source a different boat for his boat rides? I believe you all will support them regardless but they wouldn't know if they're not told.  If you and I alike are dissatisfied with The South Beach Lady, express those concerns! (Make sure to also express that you will continue to support him should he take that time out to source another boat).  Closed mouths don't get fed and I for one am tired of just accepting everything shoved at me, especially once I'm paying.  If nothing is said, no changes will be made.  You can not just whisper amongst yourselves and expect changes to be made.  Say something! I bet once as the bookings decrease the owner will make some  noticeable changes...

Lastly, the entertainment.

This is kind of touchy.  People like me who enjoy EVERY GENRE of music and takes the time to learn new music will always have a great time but as I've said before, South Florida on the whole is not so.  There are some who were dissatisfied with the musical selections of some of the DJ's and I thought it was welcomed change. The first set of music was old school American music and I liked the change. I don't need to hear the Jason Benn every time a boat sets sail.  I don't need to hear the same thing all the time.  I don't care, I state my age all the time.  I'm 43, how many boat rides do you think I've heard setting sail to any of the 'boat ride anthems'.  Now how many can say that they have set sail on a Soca boat ride to Hues Corporation's "Rock The Boat"? *Google it. It's not to say that no one on the boat knew the song.. WE ALL KNEW IT and we all damn sure danced to it.  The DJ that I am speaking of is the one I call my dad, DJ Survivor Int'l and I don't care what anyone says, it was a change that I welcomed.  Everyone complains about the same thing over and over and when they get change, it's a set of complaints... Especially when they don't know the music smh.  

I didn't hear any of my crew complain but some of the feedback given was that there were complaints about DJ J Rocca as well.  Now, if it's one thing I do on this blog is tell the God's honest truth.  I've never had any type of communication with this particular DJ.  I simply do not know him.  So for me to say that whoever had an issue with DJ J Rocca just don't know music.  Believe me when I say, they don't know music OR they only listen to music from the top three (as they say).  DJ J Rocca played music from Grenada, St Lucia, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad.  There was a slight tour of the Caribbean lol. 
THE ONLY THING I can say is that he was "a little intoxicated" and his mixes were not as clean as normal but for someone to complain about his musical selection, I will repeat THEY DON'T KNOW MUSIC and need to download the Team Soca App immediately.  Get familiar.  I don't know when Rick the Ruler came off and when my darling House Arrest came on but it was a love for all DJ's.  In my opinion all of the DJ's played well and I was entertained on the entire ride.  I believe I heard "Hello" about three times on the boat ride BUT it was noted that "Palance" didn't so I'll let it slide. Thank God! I think I've typed enough, so I'm done.  

An allyuh PLEASE, rather than message me personally.... please please please state your comments and opinions below in the "comments" section of the blog.  Messaging me does nothing as I am no longer in the business of delivering messages.  I only discuss MY qualms.  





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