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This Miami Carnival Band launch season has taken me by surprise.  I am used to D Junction Mas being the first to reveal their carnival theme and then Euphoria Mas.  This year Jamdong Management has jumped the gun and buss the Band Launch cherry.

As per usual, the regulars of the WFYG Bandits attended!
When I showed up to Krave (this was the venue of the launch), there was no parking.  I've gone to Krave a handful of times and I have never had trouble parking. I drove for a good 5 minutes before finding park and it may seem like nothing to some but South Florida parking is easy to come by so I got nervous because I just had to see what was going on with those costumes! I mean, what was soooo good that Jamdong Management couldn't wait to launch along with the rest of Euphoria Mas.

The front entrance was a breeze, there was no line and the process was hassle free.  The first voice I heard was Giselle, The Wassi One and if SHE was on the mic, that means it was almost showtime.  There was no time to get a drink or make proper greetings because now, it was time for the show and the place was packed!
There were two presentations.  There was the entire jouvert band which is separate from Euphoria Mas' Dutty Pleasures and then there was the unveil of Jamdong Management's first ever mas costume as well as the 1st glimpse of Euphoria Mas' carnival band. Jamdong Management has dabbled in the jouvert, party promotion with SEV3N (the official Miami carnival fete) and a couple boat rides in Trinidad for the carnival season but never before 2018 have they come out with "pretty mas" for Miami Carnival.  I am proud of them as a team.

I will show the jouvert sections along with names and the pretty mas last (just to make sure you watch and read everything) lol.

There were 6 jouvert sections shown but I caught 5 which were:
Of the jouvert band itself, this was my favorite section.  This section was displayed with a pitchfork.  That pitchfork symbolizes for me the blue devil, the jab! I would play the shit out of this jouvert mas BUT that's only if it were to come with that pitchfork....  Moving along. 

Endless Wuk

This look like a good bacchanal section lol.
 One Piece/Bodysuit Option for Endless Wuk

This section also has a crop top and one piece/bodysuit option. Unfortunately the photos were sent to my telephone after the fact and wasn't able to be displayed at the launch.  It would have made a killing.

It seems that this section doesn't have a bottom option included but you can ask section leader the specifics of this section. It wasn't specified during the launch and with the models all having different bottoms that did not have a Jamdong Print or logo on them this was my assumption.
These were the sections shown for the night.  There are 9 sections being advertised for this band.  In total they are

  • CHEZ ZEN MAS and 
As for the mas...

The section is named "Animus - The Most Amazon Tribe".  Seeing as I don't have a definitive theme for Euphoria Mas, I don't know exactly how or where that fits in but we shall see shortly as soon as Euphoria decides to unleash their theme.



I could definitely see myself wearing any of these costimes.  The bold colors, the generous feathers and they definitely brought the sexy without feeling overly naked!  The frontline is gorgeous (as expected).  Now a days all attention is spent on the frontlines, hardly anything is shared with the backline and if there is even a male option in the section, I feel like the males get nothing at all.  

As expected, the frontline is beautiful to watch in the front but I also loved the decoration in the back of the wings.  They weren't left plain (as I've seen lots of) and the backline was not forgotten about this rounds.  This backline actually gives the masquerader a realistic choice. There is a collar for the Backline Betty's that gives them feather glory without what they may think is overkill in the frontline. The leg pieces look as though some thought was actually put into the costume or the designer was a Backline Betty for far too long and designed to help the backliner live! The male however was left behind as most are.  It's sad but the reality is that over 90% of men who play mas are doing it just to get a band so they can drink all day and wine on women without being thrown out the band.  They tend to not care about what they look like while doing it.  So if it works for you, it works for me.

All in all,  this was a job well done and I wish you all the best Jamdong!

For any of you who would like to see the section in motion, there is a live 32 second video that you can view by clicking HERE

It's so strange, I can't even tell you what MAS band is up next.  No one is announcing!  Up next is RED ANTZ JOUVERT on our Jouvert Band Launch list on the 28th of April! 



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